What is “Leadership Assessment 360?”9 focus areas

The Leadership Assessment 360 is a web-based, comprehensive 360 degree assessment instrument designed for managers and leaders in today’s dynamic work environment.  It measures leadership competencies in 9 Focus Areas.

The assessment collects feedback from self, immediate manager, direct reports, peers and other key contacts.  The 90 questions use a five point scale and ask for feedback in terms of how often the person demonstrates the various leadership behaviors. Additional data is collected from written comments in each focus area as well as overall comments regarding strengths and development needs.


Leadership Profile Feedback Reportchart

Each candidate receives a 14-18 page report that provides average ratings for each focus area and rater group. The data also highlights the similarities and differences in ratings by each rater group.

Development Planning

The Development Plan guides the candidate through an analysis of surprises and confirmations, strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and potential threats to success. It includes suggestions for development in three key areas: training, experiences, and building relationships.

Who Should Take This Assessment?

This instrument is suitable for both new and experiences managers / leaders. It can be used for individual assessment, as part of a formal training program, or as part of a succession planning initiative.


This assessment provides important data on current strengths. It helps identify areas where improvement is needed. It opens the door for feedback discussions. Most importantly, it provides specific data and focus for development activities.